How to Get Rid of Back Pain During Pregnancy

As a pregnant woman, you know all about back pain. It’s probably a constant companion. Since you are here, you are probably wondering how to get rid of back pain during pregnancy. Well, it’s not that hard to do, and there are a lot of different options that you can choose to help rid yourself of that terrible pain. Many of the options will also go a long way in helping your general health during your pregnancy.

The reason that your back hurts during pregnancy, especially the second and third trimesters, is because your growing belly pulls you forward. Instead of maintaining good posture, you become swaybacked, which pulls all those muscles forward and causes them to cramp. That’s why the first tip on how to get rid of back pain during pregnancy is to maintain proper posture.

Imagine your spine as a cord. You want to keep the cord straight. You want your ears over shoulders, put your shoulders back, and draw your abdominal muscles in. You want your abs to take some of the stress off of your back. It takes both abs and back muscles to stand straight. Good posture can also help your back after pregnancy.

Another suggestion on how to get rid of back pain during pregnancy is to try yoga. There are yoga classes that are specifically designed for pregnant women. These classes have postures that can help stretch your back, and help you feel better, without causing any risks, however there are some postures that should be avoided during pregnancy (for instance, anything that has you lying on your front or putting undue stress on your belly).

Even if you can’t get to a prenatal yoga class, there are still some postures that you can do on your own. One is the child pose. You kneel on the floor, and then reach out both hands on the floor as far as you can go. Your stomach should fit in between your knees. If it doesn’t, then try spreading your knees a little wider. You want to get your forehead as close to the floor as possible.

There are a lot of suggestions on how to get rid of back pain during pregnancy. Why not try out some of them to see what works best for you, and makes you feel better. Just because you are pregnant doesn’t mean you should have to suffer from constant back pain.

If you’re feeling sluggish, overweight, unattractive and lacking energy, then there are many simple steps you can take to help you exercise safely, increase your energy and avoid back pain during pregnancy


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