What is stress and how to deal with it on a daily basis

The World Health Organization has declared stress “epidemic of the 21st century.” There is no man in the world who is not at some point experienced it – waiting to take the exam, got into an unpleasant situation (arguing on the street, pay cut, a huge order in the mail, etc.) or when simply worried about the potential problems that can occurred. Everyone reacts differently to stressors, and something that is for one small inconvenience to the other can be a huge irritation.
Although the impact of the current situation is not detrimental to our functioning, if they often happened, in some people can contribute to elevated anxiety, decreased mood, chronic fatigue, insomnia, headaches, nausea, high blood pressure, or general immunity problems. It is important to learn appropriate ways to overcome the everyday stress situations.

Setting short-term goals
It is best to set smaller, more realistic goals that can be achieved without too much effort and stress. Long-term and big plans should be divided into smaller units and pursue them piece by piece. Regular achieving the goals will fill us with joy and help us reach higher ones without the stress and inconvenience.

Enjoying in good company and hobbies
Humor and laughter are the best allies in the fight against stress. Jokes, funny movies, cheerful games and good company will give you a pleasant break from the stress of reality and life. Good books, music that pleases you, a hobby in which enjoy will make a huge difference to your life.

Breathing techniques are also an excellent answer for the question of how to fight stress. They can immediately help combat acute stress. A regular exercise calms chronic stress, relaxes us and makes us happier. Breathing is an automatic action, and we are rarely aware of it, so it is usually shallow and does not allow us to bring enough oxygen to the lungs. Light, conscious and prolonged breathing can relieve stress. If you apply a few minutes of breathing in some particular stressful situations, you will notice that your mind becoming clear, and you can focus on solving problems.

Good organization is also crucial to the defense against stress. If problems are organizing in order of importance and urgency and resolve one by one, rather than trying to solve all together, it will go a lot easier and faster. We can try to cope with problems alone. Furthermore, we do not have to do everything by ourselves. Talking with colleagues, friends, family members or expert can help us to get rid of stress, but we also need to get used to ask for help from the people around us.

Physical activity helps to get rid of stress. Find something that feels good to you, whether it’s basketball, martial arts, yoga, swimming, tai chi, running … you just need to discover what you enjoy most. When you engage the body and the brain focusing on the certain physical activities, there will be no time, nor the need to thinking about problems. After the training remains that pleasant feeling of tiredness that will help you to fall asleep at night, or relax with your family.

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